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Morgan Freeman Quotes

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Morgan Freeman

1937 -
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"Acting means living, it's all I do and all I'm good at. If I weren't getting paid well, I would still be acting in a small troupe somewhere. "
"And some places you been before are so great that you don't ever mind going back. Some places you been before you don't ever want to go back, you know, like Montreal in the Winter"
"As you grow in this business, you learn how to do more with less. "
"Black history is American history. "
"But I can say that life is good to me. Has been and is good. So I think my task is to be good to it. So how do you be good to life? You live it"
"I am going to stop calling you a white man and I'm going to ask you to stop calling me a black man. "
"I can only be so long without work before I start getting antsy"
"I knew at an early age I wanted to act. Acting was always easy for me. I don't believe in predestination, but I do believe that once you get where ever it is you are going, that is where you were going to be"
"It's what I learn from the great actors that I work with. Stillness. That's all and that's the hardest thing"
"Martin Luther King Jr. is remembered as our prince of peace, of civil rights. We owe him something major that will keep his memory alive"
"The best way to guarantee a loss is to quit. "
"You're going to relegate my history to a month. "

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